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Marking tape

Clinipak marking tape ensures that specified instruments can be returned to the correct department or surgeon after sterilisation and eradicates the requirement for engraving. The colour strips are long-lasting and appropriate for steam sterilisation. Independent research confirms that no bacteria remain under the tapes after sterilisation.

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Code Description Properties
MKT001 Ring binder with index only
Ring binder with index only
MKT002 Ring binder - 11 colours
Ring binder with index and 1 sheet of each plain colour (11 colours)
MKT003 Ring binder - 10 colours
Ring binder with index and 1 sheet of each zebra colour (10 colours)
MKT004 Ring binder - 21 colours
Ring binder with index and 1 sheet of each plain and zebra colours (21 colours)
MKT005 Plain Tape - Purple
Plain Tape Purple
MKT006 Plain Tape - White
Plain Tape White
MKT007 Plain Tape - Tan
Plain Tape Tan
MKT009 Plain Tape - Orange
Plain Tape Orange
MKT010 Plain Tape - Red
Plain Tape Red
MKT011 Plain Tape - Blue
Plain Tape Blue
MKT012 Plain Tape - Green
Plain Tape Green
MKT013 Plain Tape - Silver
Plain Tape Silver
MKT014 Plain Tape - Brown
Plain Tape Brown
MKT015 Plain Tape - Black
Plain Tape Black
MKT016 Zebra Tape - Beige/Tan
Zebra Tape Beige/Tan
MKT017 Zebra Tape - Yellow
Zebra Tape Yellow
MKT018 Zebra Tape - Orange
Zebra Tape Orange
MKT019 Zebra Tape - Red
Zebra Tape Red
MKT020 Zebra Tape - Blue
Zebra Tape Blue
MKT021 Zebra Tape - Green
Zebra Tape Green
MKT022 Zebra Tape - Silver
Zebra Tape Silver
MKT023 Zebra Tape - Brown
Zebra Tape Brown
MKT024 Zebra Tape - Blue
Zebra Tape Blue
MKT025 Zebra Tape - Purple
Zebra Tape Purple

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