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Plastic scope trays

Plastic scope trays facilitate the sterilisation, organisation and storage of delicate instruments. Their material will not damage instruments and is compatible with all standard sterilisation methods.

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Code Description Properties
P261615 P261615 - 66 x 406 x 38mm
Scope tray P261615
P651815 P651815 - 165 x 457 x 38mm
Scope tray P651815
P651815M P651815M - 165 x 457 x 38 mm
Scope tray P651815M
P651830/HED P651830/HED - 165 x 457 x 76 mm
Scope tray P651830/HED
P651830P3 P651830P3 - 165 x 457 x 76mm
Scope tray P651830P3
P6520A P6520A - 76 x 559 x 38 mm
Scope tray P6520A

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