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Aluminium Trays

A range of trays which is manufactured with 16swg aluminium sheets with folded edges for extra rigidity and boasts welded or open corners with side holes to ensure tray tags can be easily fixed. Lids are available to fit trays.

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Code Description Properties
TRY001 TRY001 - 305 x 152 x 51 mm
TRY002 TRY002 - 305 x 305 x 51 mm
TRY003 TRY003 - 305 x 457 x 51 mm
TRY004 TRY004 - 305 x 610 x 51 mm
TRY005 TRY005 - 457 x 457 x 51 mm
TRY201 TRY201 - 356 x 495 x 51 mm

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