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Using a single barrier layer – Clinipak lecture at IDSc Conference in Blackpool

Our Clinical Lead, Joy Markey, has held a lecture on “using a single barrier layer” at last year’s Institute of Decontamination Sciences Annual Conference in Blackpool. The purpose of this presentation was to provide guidance on using a transportation layer alongside a Standard Certified Barrier wrap highlighting that if presented aseptically, this combination satisfies the requirements of ISO 11607.

At present, standards do not clearly define the number of wrap layers that must be used when tray sets are prepared for sterilisation. Current practices consequently vary among hospitals and wrap choices are often based on how each hospital has wrapped trays in the past. There are various combinations which can range from 3 wraps to a single layer, although the 2 wrap combination is most common. The layers themselves also vary from 2 layers of compliant wrap with alcohol repellency to one compliant barrier layer.

Clinipak has supported the overall view that, in a 2-layer wrapping system, only one germ-proof barrier is necessary to ensure that all set contents are reprocessed appropriately and fit for patient use. Provided the internal barrier layer is protected by a strong outer layer that is resistant to tearing, one barrier wrap is adequate in preventing germs from entering an instrument set after sterilisation.

Please find the whole article (page 24-15) in the IDSc Journal and here.

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