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Instrument wrapping systems: how to always ensure compliance whilst making effective time and cost savings…

Our Clinical Lead, Joy Markey comments in a recent Clinical Services Journal article investigating packaging of instrument sets before sterilisation.

The article covers all commonly queried areas of instrument packaging, including:

Compliance with ISO 11607:
“ISO 11607 does not state how many layers of wrapping should be used… what it is clear about, however, is the aseptic presentation of the contents of the set of instruments.”

• Complicated terminology explained
• The Clinipak method of “…Transportation Wrap, alongside a standard certified barrier wrap”.

Cost and Time savings:
In today’s healthcare environment any new wrapping method being considered needs to be able to offer both cost and time saving benefits without compromising aseptic technique.”

• Is the single wrap method best?

Previous research:
“There was no ingress of viable bacteria during a 13 month period of storage following sterilisation.”

• Research study results from a Dublin university hospital on pack integrity.

AB C14-102 - Copy
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