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Is your packaging safe? A Clinipak Keynote

Clinipak is pleased to announce that our Clinical Lead, Joy Markey, will be giving a keynote speech providing wrap guidance on using a single barrier layer at this year’s IDSc conference.

Suitable packaging is an essential component in protecting the sterility of a surgical instrument or set. Various combinations exist, and choosing the right process for you can be a minefield.

Joy’s talk will cover many frequently asked questions, including:

  • The requirements of ISO 11607 and how to meet them.
  • The evolution of germ-proof tray wraps.
  • Why current practices differ between hospitals and what the combinations consist of.
  • The specific requirements that constitute a Sterile Barrier System and why.
  • How to use a single barrier wrap successfully.
  • How to recognise an ideal wrap.

Dedicated to assisting with the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of reusable invasive medical devices, Clinipak offers an extensive range of packaging and transportation solutions for your instrument sets. From common problems such as condensate and tearing, to bespoke products and training for individual needs, we ensure support for your decontamination cycle.

Join us on Wednesday 30th November at 9:30am for Joy’s keynote, or visit our stand throughout the event for more guidance, give-aways, and product samples.

For more information on packaging systems, click here to read our Wrap Guidance document today.

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