UN Approved Blue Transport Boxes

Six sizes available, all of which can go through washer disinfectors for
decontamination purposes. Optional metal inner baskets are available for the middle 3 sizes. These can be removed and decontaminated/autoclaved.

As consignors of medical instruments and clinical waste, managers of sterilisation units have a statutory duty to ensure that medical instruments (being returned for decontamination) and Clinical waste which is being transported by road are packaged in a manner which meets the requirements of the  regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by road (the “ADR” – Jan 2013). Clinipak’s range of Blue Transportation Boxes have been manufactured and tested to meet these requirements.
All Clinipak’s Blue Transportation Boxes have third party UN approval to Packing Group 1 or 11 and are suitable for transporting Clinical waste under UN3291 ( Packing Instruction P621 in the ADR). Clinipak’s Blue Transportation Boxes are also suitable for transporting used medical instruments for decontamination purposes (section of the ADR).

See our new range of Transport Boxes - UN Lidded Crates.

All boxes are stackable.

All boxes are supplied with a Class 6.2 HAZARD Infectious substances label and plastic pocket.
Additional Class 6.2 HAZARD labels are available as well as “USED MEDICAL DEVICE “ labels.    

Stock Codes and Sizes

Code External Size Internal Size Weight/Capacity  Inner Basket
BTB001 300 x 200 x 120mm 285 x 160 x 92mm 0.6kg / 4 litres N/A
BTB002 300 x 200 x 170mm 287 x 162 x 153mm 0.9kg / 7 litres BTB002BASK
BTB003 400 x 300 x 220mm 287 x 232 x 200mm 1.4kg / 16 litres BTB003BASK
BTB004 600 x 400 x 320mm 457 x 318 x 293mm 3.3kg / 49 litres BTB004BASK
BTB005 800 x 600 x 600mm 568 x 489 x 570mm 10.2kg / 170 litres  N/A
BTB006 790 x 400 x 320mm 645 x 318 x 284mm 4.2kg / 60 litres N/A


A ‘dolly trolley’ is available (at an additional charge) for the larger sizes (BTB004-BTB006). Add TROL to code - please see below.


UN Approved Red Transportation Boxes

A range of Red Transportation Boxes, with the same properties as the Blue Boxes. Useful to distinguish between ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ contents or contents for different recipients etc. Clinipak’s range of Red Transportation Boxes have been manufactured and tested to meet the requirements for transporting clinical waste by road and each container displays information to confirm that it meets this standard.

All boxes are stackable.

All boxes are supplied with a Class 6.2 HAZARD Infectious substances label and plastic pocket.

Additional Class 6.2 HAZARD labels are available as well as “USED MEDICAL DEVICE “ labels.  UN approved to UN3291 for clinical waste transportation.  

Stock Codes and Sizes

Stock Code External Size (mm) Internal Size (mm) Inner Basket Code
RTB002 300 x 200 x 170 287 x 162 x 153 BTB002BASK
RTB003 400 X 300 X 220 287 x 232 x 200 BTB003BASK
RTB004 600 x 400 x 320 457 x 318 x 284 BTB004BAS


UN Lidded Crates

A new addition to Clinipak's range of UN-approved boxes for the transportation of hazardous goods.  These crates include an integrated lid which can be sealed using either a pin or sealing strip to comply with transportation regulations.

In a range of 4 sizes, the crates have ergonomic handles for simple carrying and the two larger sizes will fit in a BTB004TROL dolly trolley for easy moving & handling when full.

The UNLC45 and UNLC60 can comfortably accommodate a 'DIN' sized tray, even when wrapped.

Stock Codes and Sizes

Code Size Internal Kg
UNLC20 400 x 300 x 275mm 325 x 227 x 238mm 1.68Kg
UNLC25 500 x 300 x 274mm 422 x 227 x 239mm 2.18Kg
UNLC45 600 x 400 x 275mm 528 x 328 x 238mm 3.26Kg
UNLC60 600 x 400 x 374mm 527 x 315 x 335mm 4.20kg


 Code  Product  Qty
UNLC-Y Seal Pin UN-Y for packaging group ii,iii only. Pack 100
UNLC-X Seal strip UN-X for packaging group i,ii,iii. Pack 100


 Code Product Qty
BTB004TROL Dolley Trolley for UNLC45 & 60 

Transportation Trays

Designed to protect wrapped packs from external damage and to reduce damage from stacking.

An economical cardboard tray which may be used alone or with a strap. Use either singly, or as a pair to form a lidded box.

Stock Codes and Sizes

 Code  Size
TTRAY001 500 x 270 x 70mm
TTRAY003 500 x 540 x 70mm


Polypropylene Transportation Trays

Transportation Trays made from sealed edge polypropylene. 

The unique sealed polypropylene board enables the tray to be put through a decontamination wash cycle for repeated use.

Stock Codes and Sizes

TTRAY002500 x 270 x 70mm (supplied as one pair)


Transportation Bags

Polyethylene bags for protecting sterile packs against handling whilst providing an effective dust cover. With tamper proof seal and easy tear opening facility.

All bags have ‘half moon’ ventilation holes to prevent condensate build up in a humid environment.

Stock Codes and Sizes

 Code Size Qty
TBAG001 380mm x 760mm per 250
TBAG002 585mm x 765mm per 200
TBAG003 380mm x 710mm per 250
TBAG004 385mm x 490mm per 250


Sterile Services Retrieval System

A range of polypropylene boxes for distribution and retrieval of instruments within a hospital between Sterile Services and the end user. The inner tray can be easily removed, wash decontaminated and sterilised, whilst the outer box can be effectively cleaned in a washer disinfector. 

Stock Codes and Sizes

Code Description External Box Size Internal Box Size
SSR2136 Large Red Box & Inner Tray 533 x 330 x 152mm 483 x 279 x 152mm
SSR283 Medium Red Box & Inner Tray 457 x 305 x 127mm 406 x 254 x 76mm
SSR105 Small Red Box & Inner Tray 254 x 178 x 152mm 241 x 159 x 140mm



A brand new innovation to assist where immediate cleaning of surgical instruments is not possible.  The Humipak is a patented method for preventing the drying out of protein on instruments whilst awaiting cleaning aimed at meeting the requirements of HTM01-01.

Each Humipak pouch consists of two layers of film, with a highly absorbent material sandwiched between them and sealed to create a moisture retaining pouch.  To use, simply add a specified amount of water to the pouch, seal and leave to await manual cleaning in the CSSD.

Clinipak currently offers two designs in the Humipak range.  The initial range consists of 2 large pouches, sized to hold either a 'DIN' or 'half-DIN' sized basket.  When sealed using the self-seal strip, the pouch will retain a moist atmosphere for over 7 days.

The second design consists of 2 multi-pocketed pouches, one with 7 pockets and one with 4.  Once used, the pockets will maintain a humid environment for up to 48 hours.

Stock Codes and Sizes

 Code Basket Size
HPSS4243 Half 'DIN' 420 x 430mm 35ml water 100/ctn
HPSS4267 Full 'DIN' 420 x 670mm 70ml water 100/ctn
HPSS6577 Double 'DIN' 650 x 670mm 110ml water 50/ctn
HP4P3526 4 pocket 350 x 260mm 20ml water 500/ctn
HP7P3526 7 pocket 350 x 260mm 20ml water 500/ctn