A unique disposable cleaner for all small cannulae.

Various diameters available.

Constructed in a range of materials, to give either soft or hard cleaning properties.

The dispenser ensures the contents are always available and a cutter is provided to facilitate quick and easy cutting to any required length. 

Stock Codes and Sizes

 Code Description
FLEX001 3mm soft cleaner per 10 metre coil (Cotton)
FLEX002 3mm super bristle per 10 metre coil (Cotton & Nylon)
FLEX003 3mm double clean per 100 pcs. x 15cm long (Cotton & Nylon)
FLEX004 9mm fleece stem per 50 pcs. x 30cm long (Polyester)
FLEX005 12mm fleece stem per 50 pcs. x 30cm long (Polyester)
FLEX006 15mm bristle stem per 20 pcs. x 30cm long
FLEX007 15mm bristle per 5 metre coil
FLEX033 3mm fleece stem per 50pcs. x 30cm (Pet)
FLEX008 Dispenser + Cutter + one each of FLEX001- 007
FLEX009 Complete refill pack for dispenser